At Travel Technology Interactive, we understand that airlines need efficient and reliable solutions to manage their operations and connect with customers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Zenith® Passenger Service System (PSS), our innovative solution that allows airlines to easily connect with two Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), providing them with an immediate sales channel.

One of the key advantages of Zenith® PSS is its ability to streamline airline processes and improve efficiency. Our integration with Nexlog® CMS allows for seamless interactions between the two systems, eliminating the need for duplicate flight schedules and reducing the workload for airline staff. With the ASM & SSM import, airlines can now create flight schedules for mixed passenger-cargo flights in Zenith® PSS system, and the flight will be automatically created on Nexlog® CMS.

Zenith® PSS is a complete and fully integrated solution, specially designed to fulfill the needs of full-service and low-cost carriers. By positioning your airline in this highly competitive market, you’ll have the flexibility and control you need to manage your operations and connect with customers.

FlyPelican  is one of our clients who has experienced the benefits of Zenith® PSS firsthand. In 2018, they launched Zenith® PSS with their Newcastle to Adelaide route, allowing them to reach wider sales channels, interact with business travelers, and link traffic. This crucial step in the evolution of their growth helped them to expand their reach and increase their revenue.

At Travel Technology Interactive, we’re committed to delivering a comprehensive and integrated solution for airlines to elevate their passenger experience. Let us help you succeed and grow with Zenith® PSS.