We are thrilled to spotlight our customer, Modern Logistics, based at Viracopos International Airport in Campinas, SP. Just a few days back, on March 25th, they welcomed their second Boeing 737-800 to their hub, setting the stage for even greater strides in the cargo airline sector. 

At Travel Technology Interactive (TTI), we are proud to be Modern Logistics’ technology partner, providing them with cutting-edge solutions like Nexlog – our comprehensive Cargo Management System (CMS).  

Nexlog, our cloud-based solution, plays a pivotal role in Modern Logistics’ operations by seamlessly managing their cargo supply chain, optimizing air and ground transportation, and enhancing overall efficiency. With features designed to cover the End-to-End Cargo Supply Chain, Nexlog empowers Modern Logistics to transform their business model into a Logistic Management System (LMS), ensuring smooth operations and increased revenue. 

Modern Logistics’ decision to expand their fleet and improve their capabilities underscores the importance of leveraging innovative technologies in the transportation sector. As their fleet grows, Nexlog continues to support their growth trajectory by providing real-time insights, streamlining processes, and driving operational excellence.