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About Us

For over 20 years, Travel Technology Interactive has been providing IT solutions for airlines and freight forwarders who need an efficient and adaptable solution to their requirements

Evolution Must Be Simple

Since 2001, Travel Technology Interactive (TTI) has been providing air carriers with innovative Airline IT solutions with our next-generation Zenith® Passenger Reservation System (PSS) and Nexlog® Logistics Management Solution (LMS).

An IATA preferred partner for passenger and cargo airlines since 2006, TTI has been providing leading solutions to our customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific, Middle East and the Americas for 20 years.

With a business approach that is based on a partnership model, our philosophy and development processes are highly customer-oriented.

This is because at TTI, we believe that evolution begins with the customer.

Our Vision

“To provide innovative and efficient technology and services for airlines and the transportation industry worldwide”

Why Choose Travel Technology Interactive ?

Unique Customer Care

Customer centricity is our DNA; indeed, customers are at the heart of what we do, and so do their people! Servicing our customers starts by investing time and effort in actively listening to their needs, turning them into an accessible technology to be used

Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology

We are a native cloud-based company. Using the latest technologies to accelerate the growth of our customers is our daily challenge. Cloudification and automation are at the heart of speeding up the newest technology adoption by airlines

Evolving Airlines’ Business Models

Airlines need to adjust to evolving business models to remain relevant in their respective markets. We help our customers remain agile and reinvent their PSS and LMS with the newest technology to generate additional revenues through every transaction

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