TTI Supports Climate Friendly Travelers

TTI Backs Environmentally Responsible Air Travel

The advancement of technology alone won’t be enough to meet sustainability goals, but it will help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Travel Technology Interactive (TTI) team supports the continual renewal of the technology industry, playing a significant role in achieving net-zero emissions.

As a part of our humble efforts to serve our clients and partners, Travel Technology Interactive’s Passenger Service System (PSS) is constantly being re-engineered to include the most recent developments, keeping up with the aviation industry’s and traveler’s ever-changing needs.

The airline industry is transitioning towards a new era of eco-retailing, which calls for increased agility and streamlining the travel value chain touchpoint to place conscience travellers at the forefront. Consuming travel is driven by new and forward-looking principles, with their foundations established in environmentally concerned passengers, for an airline to increase its efforts to be sustainable, i.e.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will be committed to a comprehensive sustainable initiative for our booking engines, including measures such as reliable engines automated in a syndicate cloud for low-energy consumption. Partnering with environmentally-conscious companies and organizations to support our initiative, and keep continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our sustainable initiative and make adjustments as necessary.


Voluntary Carbon Offsetting for Airline Travelers

Voluntary Carbon Offsetting for Airline Travelers: A solution for offsetting the carbon emissions generated by airline travel, enabling passengers to take an active role in mitigating their impact on the environment. Voluntary Carbon Offsetting for Airline Travelers: A solution for offsetting the carbon emissions generated by airline travel, enabling passengers to take an active role in mitigating their impact on the environment.

Passengers Are Concerned About Climate Impacts

Customers From Americas Trust Us

Customers From Asia and Pacific Trust Us


of passengers are likely to fly less due to climate change.


They know flying has a significant impact on a their annual footprint.

Making a Global Impact

At Travel Technology Interactive, we understand the challenges of implementing a carbon offset program in the aviation industry. That’s why we specialize in making it easy. Our team works closely with major airlines to provide reliable and effective offsetting solutions. And our enterprise-grade services are utilized by top brands globally to make a meaningful contribution in the fight against climate change.

Passangers want to mitigate negative effects

would pay a premium for carbon neutral flights.

48% of 18-24 year-olds are willing to do so.

The airline industry is beginning to adapt to meet this need

Despite the availability of offsetting programs offered by 50% of airlines

only 1% of passengers are choosing to offset their emissions.

The low uptake can be attributed to the current programs' lack of integration, clarity, and credibility among travelers.

The key components of a successful carbon offsetting formula


Integrating options into the booking flow for ease of use.


Making it simple to understand the voluntary carbon offset process.


Tracking contributions to high-impact projects for transparency.


Making a Global Impact


Travel Technology Interactive strives to make a positive impact on the environment with airlines and airports partnering on reliable carbon offset solutions. Our services have been adopted by prominent brands globally. As part of a high-carbon industry, airlines prioritize decarbonization by investing in sustainable aviation fuels and offset projects that deliver real benefits. Through our partnership with CarbonClick, guests can easily support our efforts to combat climate change. Being part of projects with a wide-ranging impact and ensuring they meet our standards for accountability, transparency, and measurable environmental results.


Offset is part of the booking process and is present in the ancillery ticket sale component of the engine booking.


Completing payment in the standard manner.


Receiving instant tracking and tracing information for the offset contribution.

CarbonClick's Approach to Transparency

Revolutionizing the carbon offsetting industry with unparalleled traceability. By offering instant end-to-end transparency, CarbonClick ensures that every offset made through our platform can be traced to its corresponding credit retirement certificate. This level of transparency gives clients the assurance they need to offset with confidence.

Your airline's unique emissions calculations

Flight Time

is determined by the distance between departure and arrival points, as well as the type of aircraft. Consideration is also given to various stages of the flight.

Aircraft and Airlines

are linked to a comprehensive fleet database that includes information on aircraft age, engine type, and seating capacity

Passenger occupancy

is calculated using airline-specific load factors derived from annual reports, seating arrangements, and average passenger weight.

Analyzing airline and seating

information from a comprehensive aircraft database, we can determine emissions based on travel class and distribute the emissions impact across the cabin."

Climate Change Solution Made Simple

Sustainability Solution: Simple Offsetting to Show Commitment

Transparent and Trustworthy Contributions to Impactful Projects

Act for Climate, Aid Impacts, Revive Ecosystems

Cargo Footprint

It's important to note that air freight represents a significant portion, 27%, of CO2 emissions generated by commercial aviation. TTI Nexlog (CMS) is partnering with airlines to devise ways to counteract the carbon footprint from air freight.

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