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TTI's Sustainability Commitment through Innovative Technology

At TTI we are dedicated to leveraging technology to combat climate change and achieve sustainability goals. While technology alone is not sufficient, it plays a crucial role in mitigating the severe impacts of climate change. Our groundbreaking accomplishment is the development of the first end-to-end carbon offset IBE (Internet Booking Engine) solution seamlessly integrated into a single Passenger Service System (PSS).
In the past, airlines faced challenges in implementing fully integrated carbon offset programs due to lengthy processes and high costs. However, our innovative integration has empowered all TTI airline customers to easily adopt and integrate our solution within days. We take immense pride in playing a pivotal role in offsetting carbon impact through cutting-edge technology, making a meaningful contribution to the global fight against climate change.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented a comprehensive sustainable initiative for our booking engines. This includes measures such as utilizing reliable engines automated in a syndicate cloud, minimizing energy consumption. We have also partnered with CarbonClick to further support our sustainability goals.
Through the integration of CarbonClick's solution, TTI customers can seamlessly implement a simple, meaningful, and transparent carbon offset process within the passenger booking journey. This empowers passengers to offset their carbon emissions in a traceable manner, aligning their flights with sustainable practices. Together with CarbonClick, we are working towards a sustainable future and supporting the global aspiration of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 set by the 41st ICAO Assembly.
Join us at TTI as we harness the power of technology and collaboration to make a lasting impact on climate change. Together, we can create a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come.


Passangers Willingness to Pay for Carbon-Neutral Flights

Nearly half (48%) of 18-24-year-olds indicate a willingness to pay a premium for flights that are carbon neutral.


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Transparent and Trustworthy Contributions to Impactful Projects

Checkout Carbon Neutrality: Enabling Customers to Offset their Purchase's Carbon Impact

From Strategy to Impact

Amplifying Sustainability Efforts to Combat Climate Change, Aid Communities, and Restore Ecosystems.


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The first end-to-end carbon offset IBE solution

As a supporter of a high-carbon industry, we understand airlines prioritize decarbonization by investing in sustainable aviation fuels and offset projects that deliver real benefits. We want to make it easy for our customers to support our dedication to promoting sustainability efforts that combat climate change. Being part of projects with a wide-ranging impact and ensuring they meet our standards for accountability, transparency, and measurable environmental results. We will make sure to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change.

  • Compelling

    Integrating options into the booking flow for ease of use.

  • Integrated

    Making it simple to understand the voluntary carbon offset process.

  • Trustworthy

    Tracking contributions to high-impact projects for transparency.


Offset is part of the booking process and is present in the ancillery ticket sale component of the engine booking.


Completing payment in the standard manner.


Receiving instant tracking and tracing information for the offset contribution.

CarbonClick's Approach to Transparency

Revolutionizing the carbon offsetting industry with unparalleled traceability. By offering instant end-to-end transparency, CarbonClick ensures that every offset made through our platform can be traced to its corresponding credit retirement certificate. This level of transparency gives clients the assurance they need to offset with confidence.

Your airline's unique emissions calculations:


Flight Time

is determined by the distance between departure and arrival points, as well as the type of aircraft. Consideration is also given to various stages of the flight.

Aircraft and Airlines

are linked to a comprehensive fleet database that includes information on aircraft age, engine type, and seating capacity.

Passenger Occupancy

is calculated using airline-specific load factors derived from annual reports, seating arrangements, and average passenger weight.

Analyzing Airline and Seating

information from a comprehensive aircraft database, we can determine emissions based on travel class and distribute the emissions impact across the cabin.

Airline Industry's Carbon Neutrality Goals:

Customers Take Action to Reconcile Carbon Neutrality Implementation Strategies.

"At Amelia, our ambition is to become the pioneer of green regional aviation in France, and in Europe. Amelia Green embodies this ambition... While hydrogen is a solution that is particularly well suited to our ATRs, ... It is, therefore, essential to consider all solutions, such as sustainable fuels (SAF), optimizing our operations and offsetting our CO2 emissions. This will catalyze the reduction of our emissions. .... We want to provide concrete elements to build the aviation of tomorrow. Our goal is to implement a set of actions in line with the Paris Agreements and the 2050 carbon neutrality objectives. "
"Costa Rica Green Airways ... We are committed to improving the conditions for preserving and protecting our natural resources while maintaining social and economic productivity. Through proactive education and our business reach, we aim to: Establish best practices for the reuse of aviation by-products, such as oil. Currently, the oil is added to the airplanes from a drum instead of quart plastic bottles, and after it is used, it is collected to be reused in industrial processes. Plant a seed of endemic trees (including the Guanacaste Tree) around the Bongo and Aria rivers in Costa Rica, for each passenger who flies with us."

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