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We are a SaaS provider specializing in aviation and transportation solutions. Our web-based services are designed to empower airlines and travel industry stakeholders by enhancing agility, transforming business models, fostering innovation, and boosting productivity. Our solutions cater to a wide range of airline types, including Full Service Carriers, Low-Cost Carriers, On-demand Charters, and Cargo Carriers helping to achieve your topline and bottomline goals. With 100% cloud-based solutions like Zenith for passenger experience and Nexlog for cargo management, we combine industry best practices and proven technologies to offer a customizable system. We are your ideal technology partner for seeding, differentiating, and scaling your growth in the industry.


Passenger Service System (PSS)


Cargo Management System (CMS)

Our Synergy

Having Seamless Passengers and Cargo Systems

The airline's revenue model combines passenger and cargo operations by efficiently utilizing both the upper deck and cargo holds on each flight. This integration is achieved through a single Transportation Technology Infrastructure (TTI) platform, enhancing operational efficiency. The interconnected solution creates an end-to-end ecosystem, improving effectiveness and productivity. Data exchange between passenger and cargo systems allows for flexible solutions and diversifying revenue streams. Furthermore, this integration aligns with sustainability goals, reducing carbon emissions and supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives. In conclusion, this holistic approach optimizes resource allocation, fostering a greener and more sustainable aviation industry.


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Our Solutions

We specialize in providing a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated SaaS software solution designed to manage airlines effectively. Our cloud-based platform offers a wide range of tailored functionalities to enhance the passenger experience, catering to the requirements of both full-service and low-cost carriers.

Passenger Service System


Zenith is a fully integrated Passenger Service Solution tailored for both full-service and low-cost carriers, enhancing competitiveness in the airline industry. It offers a range of customer-centric functionalities and empowers employees to achieve high standards with increased flexibility.

Cargo Management System


Nexlog is an all-in-one multimodal platform for cargo management, designed to boost efficiency and revenue while reducing costs. This solution is suitable for both air and ground transportation and is cloud-based, which means hosting and infrastructure expenses are already covered.

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Environmental Initiatives

TTI's Sustainability Commitment through Innovative Technology

Delivering simple, meaningful & transparent carbon offset IBE solution.

The advancement of technology alone won’t be enough to meet sustainability goals, but it will help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. At Travel Technology InteractiveI, we are committed to supporting the continual renewal of the technology industry and achieving net-zero emissions.​

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