TTI is a leading provider of innovative tech solutions for the travel industry, known for its adaptability and rapid time-to-market. In 2020, Amelia, a new French scheduled airline, selected TTI’s cutting-edge, fully integrated, and all-encompassing cloud-based PSS solution, Zenith® PSS, to support its operations.

Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic outbreak, TTI’s team managed to implement the cloud-based solution seamlessly, including the Amadeus GDS connection and an Interline and Code-Share agreement with Air France. The implementation was completed entirely remotely, setting a record for swift implementation and showcasing TTI’s ability to provide efficient and reliable solutions even in the most challenging circumstances.

Zenith® PSS is a powerful solution that offers airlines the flexibility and control they need to manage their operations and connect with customers effectively. Mr. Alain Regourd, CEO of Regourd Aviation Group, praised TTI’s long-standing partnership and the successful implementation of Zenith® PSS for Amelia. “It was indeed critical that we launched the Interline and Code-Share agreement quickly, to offer seamless service to our shared passengers,” he added.

If you’re an airline looking for a reliable and efficient solution to manage your operations and connect with customers, consider Zenith® PSS from TTI. Our team has the experience and expertise to implement the solution seamlessly and remotely, even in the most challenging circumstances.