Our attendance at WTM London went beyond a mere business venture; it evolved into a profoundly enriching learning experience for the entire Travel Technology Interactive team. The meaningful interactions and connections established during the event provided us with great insights into the current trends and future potential of the travel industry.

One particularly exciting development that we are thrilled about is the forthcoming launch of Villa Air (Maldives) onto Zenith state of the art PSS. This partnership signifies a significant milestone, and we are eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will have on both companies involved. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, aligning perfectly with Travel Technology Interactive’s vision for continuous growth and advancement.

As we reflect on the valuable connections made, especially with key figures like Abdulla Nashid, Managing Director, and Rexy Croos, Commercial Manager, from Villa Air, we are not only building partnerships but also shaping the future of our industry, and we are thrilled to be a part of the exciting developments on the horizon.

In essence, our WTM London experience was a blend of networking, learning, and anticipation for the promising collaborations that lie ahead. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of growth and innovation in the dynamic world of travel technology.

Meeting with Charles Rajjou, CEO of our partner company, CitizenPlane.
Grégoire Echalier and Pierre Louis Chouette at the WTM London.