Let’s extend our warmest congratulations to the exceptional team at US-Bangla Airlines Ltd.! 🙌🥳

We are absolutely delighted to share the remarkable news that this privately-owned airline from Bangladesh has officially gained membership in the prestigious IATA #airlinemembership community. Their journey commenced in 2016, as they embarked on a mission to connect people across the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East with an impressive network of routes.

And the excitement doesn’t end there! 🌍✈️ With ambitious plans to introduce more aircraft this year, US-Bangla Airlines is poised to expand its route network, with an eye on reaching key European destinations in 2023 and a vision for new routes to North America by 2025.

Here’s to an inspiring success story in the making! 🌟🌏 Keep up the incredible work, US-Bangla Airlines, as you continue to unite the world through the skies. 🌐🛬