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Transformation Case Airline Full Cargo 

MODERN Logistics, Nexlog customer is® a Brazilian company of integrated logistics solutions, located in the city of Jundiaí in the state of São Paulo – Brazil.
After winning the RFP in April 2019, the implementation took place in record time, meeting the expectation of the client and the company began full use of the platform.

Let’s introduce some questions we’ve asked the Modern team and the feedback we’ve received from the customer:

What is Modern Logistics’ impression of choosing the Nexlog platform?

“The system has many features, which meet operations according to modern needs. The concern with usability makes the use of the system intuitive and uncomplicated, including being multi-native language (Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish).
The System offered stability in the post-implementation, with a low number of calls for emergency correction and no impacts on the operation in the transition of the systems.”

What were the deciding factors for the choice of Nexlog in relation to other competitors in the market?

“The client-server architecture, the native multilanguage system, and national support with analysts who speak Portuguese, which facilitates communication between company and partner, in addition to the ease of displacement of consultants in cases of need to act within Modern, bringing more tranquility and security in everyday life.”

“Knowledge of brazil’s laws was another crucial point, considering that TTI participates in the SEFAZ committee, which brings security over current tax and legal rules and anticipates new rules that will impact the business, focusing on understanding and implementation time. The technical differentials, the commitment of the TTI team, and added value of the solution reinforced the decision making.”

How was the system migration process? (E.g. compliance with deadlines, availability for training, technical team support…)

“We had an aggressive deadline and TTI understood, committed, and performed without impacting the Go Live Deadline.”

“The training was effective and evidenced with few calls for doubts of functionalities in the post-implementation. Excellent support in the Go Live process, professionals with great know-how in the segment, committed and effective.”

What were the improvements verified?
Has Modern found any reduction in its internal indicators with the change of the CMS system?
(E.g. time spent on operations, data collector, cte issuance, amount of integrated systems, etc…)

“Yes, with the increase of functionality and some controls, before manual, now automated in the system. Some integrations with Modern systems will be necessary and this is the challenge for the coming months, aiming to make the TTI system part of Modern’s technological solutions ecosystem, ensuring the best experience for Modern Logistics end customers.”


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