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GOLLOG Transformation Case

One of the biggest logistics cases

Partnering by providing systems and platforms for large companies is in our DNA. We were chosen by Gollog as an IT solution for the cargo system of its operation, and we are always evolving together.

Here is some feedback we’ve gathered from the Gollog team:

What is your impression regarding the choice of the Nexlog platform?
“It was a really great option. Nexlog, in addition to being fully appropriate to Gollog’s challenges, has much better support than our old provider.”

What were the decision factors for the choice of Nexlog in relation to other competitors in the market?
” The price and the fact that it is totally tropicalized, especially with regard to tax issues, a great challenge of a system to be used in the business environment in Brazil.”

How was the system migration process?
(E.g. compliance with deadlines, availability for training, technical team support…)

“A very challenging schedule was set up, but it was met thanks to the commitment and dedication of Gollog and TTI employees involved in the project. The full-time support of the TTI team was fundamental to the success of the project.”

Has GOLLOG noticed any reduction in its internal indicators with the change of the Cargo Management System? (E.g. time spent on operations, data collector, Cte issuance, amount of integrated systems…)
“The system is still in the process of maturing, but certainly the expectation is that we will have the optimization of all our emission processes, as well as the issuance of customized reports for our decision-making needs.”

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