NDC level 3

TTI Achieves IATA NDC Level 3 for the Zenith PSS

TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) has been granted, by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the New Distribution Capability (NDC) Level 3 capability, for TTI’s Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System), an achievement which solidifies TTI’s commitment to leading the evolution of airline retailing and airline distribution technology.

Level 3 is the highest NDC certification and is awarded to IT companies that can demonstrate the ability to execute Offer and Order Management. This means that the Zenith® PSS is able to manage inventory sales of airlines, using IATA’s NDC and, distribute them to travel sellers.

Mr. Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI said, ‘TTI is very proud to have achieved the highest level of NDC for our Zenith® PSS, enabling Zenith® to connect airlines with travel agents and travel sellers, to enable industry standard sales of the airline content’. Echalier continued, ‘By being granted NDC Level 3 capable, it demonstrates TTI’s commitment to standardisation in the industry, delivering greater revenues for Zenith’s airlines’ and, a better shopping experience for their travel sellers and passengers’.


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