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Streamline your airline’s processes and improve efficiency with our innovative solution that creates seamless interactions between Zenith® PSS and Nexlog® RS. With the ASM & SSM import, you can now create flight schedules for mixed passenger-cargo flights in Zenith® PSS system, and eliminate the need to create duplicate schedules in Nexlog® CMS. This means that you only have to create the schedule once, and thanks to our smart import feature, the flight will be automatically created on Nexlog® CMS.

At Travel Technology Interactive, we believe in delivering a comprehensive and integrated solution for airlines to elevate their passenger experience. Our Zenith PSS and Nexlog CMS work seamlessly together, providing a powerful interlining that streamlines your workflow and enhances your approach to communication. Here are some of the ways in which our two solutions work together: 

Schedule Integration: With our integrated solution, airlines can easily manage their flight schedules, passenger bookings, and cargo shipments, all in one place. Our schedule integration ensures that all data is synchronized in real-time, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjustments on the go. 

Better Control of Real Capacity for Cargo: With our integrated solution, you have a better understanding of your cargo capacity. Our software integrates the number of passengers, their baggage, and their weight, creating an estimate of the available capacity for cargo. This enables you to optimize your cargo management, ensuring that you are making the most of your resources. 

User Integration: Our integrated solution offers user integration, making it easier for your team to access both Zenith PSS and Nexlog CMS. With just one login, your team can access all the functionalities of both solutions, improving efficiency and saving time. 

Quick DCS Integration: Our Nexlog CMS integrates with Zenith PSS, automatically migrating cargo weight to Quick DCS for accurate shipment management and tracking. With our web services in Nexlog®, you can seamlessly send final information on the accepted cargo on a mixed cargo-pax flight from Nexlog® to QuickDCS, providing a comprehensive view of both passenger and cargo details on the manifest. Our solution offers the perfect synergy effect, allowing you to optimize your airline’s operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Don’t let inefficiencies weigh your airline down. Choose our innovative solution today and experience the difference in your operations.

At Travel Technology Interactive, we are committed to delivering the most advanced and intuitive software solutions on the market. With our integrated Zenith PSS and Nexlog CMS, you can take your airline to the next level, offering your passengers a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Contact us today to learn more. 

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