Nexlog – Cargo Management System (CMS)

Specializing in SaaS software increasing cargo management with our coordinated full array of cloud-based solutions that make it possible to optimize air and ground transportation.


Nexlog is a complete and fully integrated multimodal platform cargo management solution, allowing the company to reduce cost and increase efficiency and, hence revenue. This solution is also available for ground transportation. Nexlog is cloud-based, so all costs related to hosting and infrastructure are already included.

Nexlog has powerful capabilities that cover the End-to-End Cargo Supply Chain, extending the current CMS to transform your business model into an LMS (Logistic Management System), performing all aspects of your Cargo Value Chain by providing an abundance of features to execute all necessary stakeholders' touchpoints




What mobile capabilities does Nexlog ® LMS offer and how do they interface with websites? Nexlog offers sophisticated mobile capabilities through APIs and native apps, including Airway Bill tracking, a Quote and e-minute app, and a Data Collector app.

Business Intelligence​

Business Intelligence

What does the Nexlog ® LMS Business Intelligence solution offer for monitoring airline operations and decision-making? Nexlog solution provides extensive reports with standard and customized key performance indicators (KPIs) to cover all necessary business needs and deliver valuable information for faster decision-making. It also allows for building custom analytics applications and creating business-driven data and reports.



What channels are supported by the Nexlog ® LMS, and what specific features does it offer? The Nexlog supports channels such as Extranet, GSA, GSSA, and Call Center, as well as e-freight websites, codeshare and interline agreements, e-commerce portals, WebAPI, and a Corporative Access Profile.



What integrations does Nexlog ® LMS offer to enhance cargo operations? Nexlog offers integrations with various third-party systems through a powerful API gateway, including Cargo IMP and Cargo XML e-freight standards, a robust API layer for all Cargo Chain (end-to-end process), fleet and tracking integration, customs integration, and partners such as Mercado Libre, QuickBooks, Smart Bus, Cargo AI, Open AI, Google, CASS, INDRA, and Software Express.

Main Features​

Main Features

What are some of the key modules offered by the multimodal cargo platform provided by Nexlog ® LMS, and how do they boost efficiency across the cargo supply chain? Nexlog offers an integrated multimodal cargo platform with modules for booking management, Air and Road document management, Flight Capacity Management, ULD management, customer and contract management, robust fare price and agreements management, DGR integration- IATA e-list and checklist integrated, SLA management, financial and billing management, and reports.



What features does Nexlog ® LMS offer for paperless cargo transportation? Nexlog offers paperless features like automatic delivery routing, no printed-paper for the first and last mile, a digital signature of the end customer, and real-time warnings and messages to the end customer through the Drive-routine mobile app. These features cut costs and time for the entire door-to-door process.

Nexlog Customers Transformation Cases

"It was a really great option. Nexlog, in addition to being fully appropriate to Gollog's challenges, has much better support than our old provider." Read More...


"The concern with usability makes the use of the system intuitive and uncomplicated, including being multi-native language ... Excellent support in the Go Live process, professionals with great know-how in the segment, committed and effective." Read more...



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