FlyPelican launches with TTI’s Zenith® PSS to support business growth and new Adelaide Route

FlyPelican has announced that it has successfully migrated to the Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System), provided by TTI (Travel Technology Interactive).

Mr Paul Graham, CEO of FlyPelican said, ‘The launch with Zenith® is an important step in the evolution of FlyPelican’s growth. With the recent launch of our Newcastle to Adelaide route, it is critical that FlyPelican can reach wider sales channels, to connect with business travellers and connecting traffic. Through Zenith®, FlyPelican is on its way to being connected to two GDS’, immediately providing a vast sales channel for us. Zenith® brings us far greater control of our Inventory, allowing us to dynamically change flight offers as they happen and ensuring that our operational changes are immediately reflected through all sales channels’. 

Paul Graham continued, ‘It is essential that FlyPelican is visible across a broad range of sales channels. Operating over 120 flights per week and servicing rural communities as well as major city pairs. FlyPelican caters for a diverse mix of clients from an expanding leisure market, to executive business passengers including, state and federal politicians. We have recently partnered with Alliance Airlines and now operate the only direct jet services between Newcastle and Adelaide, with a flight time of only 2 hours and a schedule to suit most travellers’. 

Mr. Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI said, ‘It has been a pleasure to work with FlyPelican on their launch with the Zenith® PSS, they are very structured and run a highly professional and dynamic organisation. TTI’s ability to quickly connect to the Global Distribution Channel is important to immediately help sell their new Adelaide route and, in this case, we were quickly able to launch with the Sabre GDS’.

Echalier continued, ‘We are excited to be a part of the FlyPelican growth, enabling them to broaden their sales reach as well as to improve the management of their operation through effective Airline IT solutions. As the TTI Zenith® footprint continues to grow in the Oceania and Pacific region, with Nauru Air and Air Caledonie, we are excited to now also work with FlyPelican’.


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