Full House for “The Future of Airline Distribution” Session at the TravelTech Show in ExCeL London on June 19! 

We are thrilled to report that our session on “The Future of Airline Distribution” at the TravelTech Show in ExCeL London on June 19 was a resounding success. With a full house and an engaged audience, the discussion was both insightful and forward-looking, providing valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of airline distribution. 

4 Key Takeaways 

Lufthansa Group’s ONE Order Initiative 

The Lufthansa Group outlined its ambitious plan to fully implement ONE Order by 2030. This initiative aims to streamline processes and significantly enhance operational efficiency, marking a major shift towards more integrated and simplified systems within the airline industry. 

Complexities of Modern Airline Retailing 

The session underscored the increasing complexity of modern airline retailing. With a growing number of stakeholders involved, effective coordination and collaboration have become more critical than ever. This complexity highlights the necessity for a unified approach to retailing across the industry. 

Evolution of Retailing and its ideal pace  

As the retailing landscape evolves, the involvement of more stakeholders has lengthened the process. The pace of this evolution must be coordinated among the market place. For example, AA cannot move forward alone if other airlines do not catch up quickly. AA’s recent “stop and backtracking on removing some EDIFACT fares from GDS” demonstrated it. The need for agility and responsiveness in this sector was a key point of discussion. 

Insights from Grégoire Echalier 

Grégoire Echalier, CEO of Travel Technology Interactive, emphasized the importance of IT and business process agility and flexibility. He noted that while achieving these success factors will take time, they are essential for adapting to the dynamic nature of airline distribution. 

Acknowledgments and Future Outlook  

We extend our sincere gratitude to all panelist and attendees for their participation and engagement, which contributed to the success of this session. We look forward to continuing this collaborative journey as we explore the future of airline distribution.  

Together, let’s reach new heights in innovation and excellence in the airline industry.