Recently, our CEO Gregoire Echalier had the pleasure of visiting Southern Airways‘ headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, to support their growth plans. Southern Airways, now serving 49 cities with over 250 daily departures, is the largest commuter airline in the U.S. and our first Zenith PSS customer in the country. 

Powered by TTI Zenith PSS software, we are driving this journey forward with our cutting-edge tech solution, enhancing Southern Airways’ service with seamless ticketing and baggage transfers through interline tickets. This solution includes several GDS connections and bilateral interline agreements with major airlines like American Airlines (AA), Alaska Airlines (AS), United (UA), and Hawaiian Airlines (HA), providing a streamlined experience for passengers. 

The excitement does not end there. Surf Air Mobility, the visionary parent company of Southern Airways Express, is making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SRFM”, revolutionizing regional travel. With a keen focus on electrification and data-driven expansion, in partnership with Electra, they are introducing hybrid-electric eSTOL aircraft and leading the way in Aircraft-as-a-Service (ACaaS) offerings, fundamentally reshaping the essence of air travel. 

With an extensive network connecting small airports across the East, West, and Central regions, Surf Air Mobility is providing passengers with swift, direct flights and unparalleled convenience. Supported by TTI, Southern Airways and Surf Air Mobility are positioned for unprecedented success as they shape the future of air travel. 

Thank you to Stan Little (CEO of Southern), Susan Skees Neff (Chief Administrative Officer), and Tony Maldonado (VP of Technology at Southern Airways Express) for your trust in our Zenith solution to seamlessly streamline their passenger experience. 

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