At Travel Technology Interactive, we are committed to supporting the continual renewal of the technology industry and achieving net-zero emissions.  Our Passenger Service System (PSS) is constantly being re-engineered to meet the aviation industry’s evolving needs.

We are working to play a key role in offsetting the carbon impact with our innovative technology, to make sure to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change.

We recognize the leadership shown by airlines, such as Amelia Green, in implementing best practices and promoting sustainability.  We understand the challenges of implementing a carbon offset program in the aviation industry, and we fully support our sustainable customers and look forward to continuing our efforts to create a greener future.

How Airline Customers are Taking the Lead:

At this interview with Adrien Chabot, the Director of Innovation of Amelia Green, he discusses his background and why he joined Amelia. He also talks about the first actions carried out by Amelia Green, which include strong international commitments and partnerships aimed at reducing the aviation sector’s environmental impact, such as joining the Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation and partnering with Universal Hydrogen and Thales to ensure flights with hydrogen conversion kits and optimize operations, respectively.

Join us as we work towards a greener future, one flight at a time! Together, we can make a meaningful contribution in the fight against climate change.

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