Air Chathams, one of our valued clients, has recently announced the launch of their newest ATR 72 fleet, coated in the distinctive green and white banners of their brand. As a leading provider of cloud-based travel technology solutions, including Passenger Service Systems and Cargo Logistics Management Systems, we at Travel Technology Interactive are thrilled to see our client’s continued success and growth.

Since first chartering a Convair 580 to transport vacationers to the Norfolk Islands, Air Chathams has been a valued client of ours. We have been proud to empower their business with a full array of cloud-based services, helping them to maximize the value of their commercial operations.

The launch of the ATR 72 fleet is a clear indication of Air Chatham’s ongoing commitment to providing top-quality travel services to its customers. The aircraft’s advanced technology and spacious cabin design will no doubt enhance the flying experience for passengers, while the green and white livery serves as a striking visual representation of the company’s brand.

As a company, we take great satisfaction in the success of our clients. Seeing Air Chatham’s continued growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions and the value they bring to our client’s business models. We look forward to continuing to work with Air Chathams and supporting their endeavors in the years to come.