A big thank you to the French air broker and world leader in charter between airlines, AVICO, for welcoming Travel Technology Interactive (TTI) team, and making us feel quite at home this December 1st on their 25th-anniversary commemoration at the Museum des Arts et Métiers.  The event was flawless and a wonderful chance to reconnect with so many friends, customers, partners, rs, and colleagues from the business community. So happy to be reunited with Mourad Majoul, Founding President; Gilles Gompertz, Group Chief Executive Officer; and Sylvain Bosc, Managing Director.

Mourad Majoul, the founder of the AVICO Group, gave a speech that was tinged with emotion and remarked being a part of the beginning of something that has become so well-known in the aviation industry is something to be proud of. In honor of a company that has achieved such renown in the airline industry, Travel Technology Interactive is pleased to pay its tribute.

Attention and awareness of its environment have helped the Avico Group diversify and develop new ideas based on strong technical and operational expertise. Gilles Gompertz acknowledged that opportunity and people remain their foundation. Avico Group has a longstanding relationship with airlines and clients built on ethics, honesty, and respect. This best describes TTI’s core values about Avico Group, by putting the customer first as the business’s foundation, we can focus on their dependability and effectiveness.

We prioritize understanding Avico Group’s needs and observing the tool they’ve produced and utilized. We are delighted to have built this connection by depending on professionalism, as well as the formation of win-win partnerships, and even more so by relying on the renewed faith of our clients.

Congratulations to the AVICO team, who will continue to succeed in expanding their charter portfolio to accommodate all demands, from business aviation to ACMI, incentive flights, freight transport, and medical evacuations.