The advancement of technology alone won’t be enough to meet sustainability goals, but it will help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Travel Technology Interactive (TTI) team supports the continual renewal of the technology industry, playing a significant role in achieving net-zero emissions. 
As a part of our humble efforts to serve our clients and partners, Travel Technology Interactive’s Passenger Service System (PSS) is constantly being re-engineered to include the most recent developments, keeping up with the aviation industry’s and travelers’ ever-changing needs. 
The airline industry is transitioning towards a new era of eco-retailing, which calls for increased agility and streamlining the travel value chain touchpoint to place conscience travelers at the forefront. Consuming travel is driven by new and forward-looking principles, with their foundations established in environmentally concerned passengers, for an airline to increase its efforts to be sustainable, i.e., paperless, efficient, and reliable engines automated in a syndicate cloud for low-energy consumption, etc.
TTI is aware of the fact that for airlines to unlock these new prospects successfully, they will need to have a long-term vision that is supported by cloud technology and will also need to work in close partnership with a robust partner ecosystem. However, it is never too late to keep creating awareness for greener travel.