To supply its market with the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs, CHALAIR Aviation is once again relying on its tried-and-true historical partner, the TTI Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System). They worked as a partner with our earlier iteration of Zenith (Aeropack) between the years 2009 and 2017, therefore many of us here at Travel Technology Interactive may be already familiar with them.

The fact that the few clients who have left us over the past four or five years have returned because they are better delighted with our PSS supplier is fantastic news and a clear sign that Zenith is among the finest in the business. We are always looking to broaden our frontiers of knowledge and expertise so that we can provide superior service to our consumers. ‘Because of the outstanding reputation that our French consumers have earned for us, Zenith has made a considerable inroad into the urban French market’. Said Echalier

After making the transfer from Zenith to HITIT in 2017 for several different reasons, Chalair Aviation approached us in November 2018 regarding the possibility of making the switch back to Zenith.  The conversations were met with several obstacles because of the state of the economy and the Covid outbreak, but in the end, CHALAIR decided to terminate their contract with their previous service and go back to working with TTI, who has been their historical partner.