Madagascar Airlines wanted to establish a competitive position in the industry, and with TTI’s Zenith® PSS, they not only met but exceeded their goals. By implementing our solution, the airline established codeshares and interline agreements with leading carriers, such as Group Air Austral and Ewa Air – also a TTI Zenith® PSS customer.

Through Zenith® PSS, Madagascar Airlines integrated with these airlines, expanding their reach, boosting revenue, and reducing costs. The Amadeus Codeshare and IET linkages extended their interconnectivity options, allowing TTI to deliver these solutions to airlines worldwide.

TTI takes pride in contributing to the success story of Madagascar Airlines and other customers. Our goal is to help airlines thrive and expand, and our partnership with Madagascar Airlines is a testament to our commitment. If you’re an airline seeking to elevate your business, we highly recommend exploring how Zenith® PSS can help you achieve your objectives.