Our solutions



With Nexlog, sell and manage cargo from anywhere, control processes and people involved. Thanks to its powerful and sophisticated decision making tools, achieve cost reduction and high quality services.


Nexlog functionalities:

  • 100% Web based integrated modules
  • IATA AWB issuance and management
  • Interline AWB
  • IATA CASS integrated
  • ULD management
  • Transfer Manifest
  • Barcode Operation
  • Real time tracking
  • Delivering management
  • Electronic sales and distribution
  • Sales partner management
  • Multicurrency invoicing
  • Flight schedule management
  • Non-conformity management
  • Consolidation-deconsolidation
  • HUB, cargo terminal, operation centre, station and shop management
  • User level access and administration
  • Geographic location and Zip code mapping
  • Online freight quotations
  • Current account holder administration
  • Taxes and fees management
  • ERP integration
  • Easy integration with other cargo systems
  • Report centre


Top differentials:

  • Fast and secure datacenter for Nexlog provided by TTI
  • Cost is dramatically reduced
  • All features fully integrated
  • All features online and real time
  • MPS-BR G level quality certified (equivalent CMMI level 2)
  • Full web application - any web browser is the only requirement to access all Nexlog's features.
  • Servers can be managed and provided by Nexlog's data centers or be hosted in-house.
  • Cargo sales and handling agent manages his own invoicing and account administration
  • All interfaces are standard and intuitive
  • Fast and lower cost training and implementation