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  • Australian Regional Airline JETGO, Launches GDS Channel Distribution via TTI Zenith® with Sabre

    Paris, 21st November 2017

    JETGO Australia has announced its’ first steps into the GDS channel of distribution, linking their Zenith® PSS to Sabre for broad distribution in multiple international markets.

    Mr. Jason Ryder, CEO of JETGO said ‘We are very excited to launch with the Sabre GDS, we believe it will bring JETGO new passenger sources, will increase our overall load factor and yield, all critical elements to support our growth plans as we expand beyond our current fifteen destinations in Australia’s Eastern states’.

    Mr. Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI said, ‘Following the launch a few weeks ago of JETGO on the Zenith PSS, this connection to the Sabre GDS will quickly bring strong benefit to JETGO, allowing the airline to rapidly increase its’ distribution reach and improve branding. The TTI Zenith® PSS has many established links with Sabre for our Airline customers around the world and we are very pleased to add JETGO distribution to the list. Zenith® is able to facilitate the Fares and Schedules distribution for JETGO, via ATPCO, OAG and FlightGlobal.

    Mr. Jason Ryder added, ‘With TTI’s Zenith® PSS empowering full GDS distribution, this will be the first steps for JETGO to Codeshare and Interline with major airlines in the region.

  • Air Caledonie launches with TTI’s Zenith® PSS to underpin business growth

    Paris, 12th October 2017

    Air Caledonie has announced that it has successfully migrated to Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System), from TTI (Travel Technology Interactive).

    Mr. Samuel Hnepeune, CEO of Air Caledonie said, ‘The migration to Zenith® was exemplary, with the TTI team working seamlessly with the Air Caledonie operations teams, it was a great success. We will use Zenith® solutions to support our commercial business expansion vision, specifically increased bookings and greater customer-reach, by using the Zenith® API solution to reach Online Travel Agents.

    Hnepeune continued, ‘Air Caledonie has seen solid growth in recent years and to further support us moving forward, we needed a robust and proven PSS, which has a broad range of regional support services close to our time-zone, TTI’s Zenith® brings us that.’

    Mr. Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI said, ‘It has been a pleasure to work this close with the Air Caledonie team on this important migration. Our fully commited Asia Pacific regional team based in Singapore, as well as teams from our HQ in France, have worked diligently to ensure the migration was on-time, to-plan and a great success, I am pleased to say that we have achieved that.’ Echalier continued, ‘Our broad range of sales channels, Agent-Direct, Internet Booking Engine, API, MyIDTravel and GDS, will bring significant new sales opportuniuties and reach to Air Caledonie’.

  • TAG Airlines launches with TTI’s Zenith® PSS and drives a tripartite Code Share with Tropic Air and CM Airlines

    Paris, 16th May 2017

    TAG Airlines of Guatemala has signed a new technology agreement with TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) for the Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System), to manage the commercial operations of the airline through reservations, distribution, ticketing and departure control, to support international growth and enable the airline to forge a tripartite Code Share agreement with Tropic Air (Belize) and CM Airlines (Honduras).

    The three airlines recently migrated to the TTI Zenith® PSS and through this platform, they are easily able to Code Share and Interline with each other, to provide new levels of service, convenience and connectivity for their customers in the Central America region.

    Mr Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) said, ‘We are delighted to be working with TAG Airlines to manage their PSS needs and, it has been an exciting few months, with all three airlines migrating to our Zenith® PSS and then, they have now jointly launched Code Share amongst themselves. This has been a challenging time and the teams at the airlines have worked hard to achieve the deadlines.’

    Echalier continued, ‘Working with TAG Airlines is very exciting, Zenith® will bring new sales-reach to them, offering a direct channel to Travel Agents, Corporations, web IBE, GDS and of course, via their new Code Share partners. We are eager to be a part of their new growth.’

  • CM Airlines launches with TTI’s Zenith® PSS

    Paris, 3 May 2017

    CM Airlines of Honduras has announced their move to the TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) Zenith® Passenger Service System (PSS), to manage their inventory, fares, sales channels and departure control system (DCS). CM Airlines has also chosen to connect via Zenith®, to the Amadeus and Sabre GDS’, as part of their global distribution strategy.

    In addition, following the successful migration to Zenith®, CM Airlines has now launched Interline eTicketing with SkyTeam’s Air Europa (UX), to provide enhanced service to their passengers.

    Mr Carlos Mourra, Managing Director of CM Airlines said, “We are delighted to have chosen TTI’s Zenith® PSS, which we selected because of their proven track-record with GDS connectivity, Interline and Code Share agreements.”

    Mourra continued, “The move to TTI’s Zenith® PSS brings new levels of IT to the airline, as well as the critical links to the Amadeus and Sabre GDS’, which will bring us new sales reach and increased revenues. The quick launch of the Interline agreement with Air Europa provides us with increased service levels for our customers, as well as a wider sales network.”

    Mr Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) said, ‘It has been an exciting few months working with CM Airlines, implementing the Zenith® PSS first, followed immediately by the two GDS connections and then, the Interline implementation with Air Europa. We are delighted to be working with the CM Airlines team. We have all achieved a great deal in the past few months and we look forward to being part of the growth in the CM Airlines business, as a result of these activities.’

  • TTI Ramps Up Asia Pacific Regional Presence to Manage Business Growth

    Paris, March 6th 2017

    TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) has announced the expansion of its Regional Headquarters in Singapore, to support its strong business growth. TTI has grown some existing key functions and has also added new support services to the region. TTI is Headquartered in France, with Development Centres based in France and Brazil and with Regional Headquarters in Singapore and Panama

    The Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters growth sees existing functions, such as Help Desk, Training and Account Management teams increased in size, as well as the addition of a Technical team, to manage technical development and support.

    Gregoire Echalier, CEO of TTI stated, ‘The Asia Pacific region is critical to the overall global presence of TTI and I am pleased to see that our Asia Pacific growth has been driven not only by new Customers, but importantly, by good business growth from our existing Airline Customers. We also hope to be making some new regional announcements soon.’

    Echalier continued, ‘In our existing Customer base, we have seen both Air KBZ (Myanmar) and US-Bangla Airlines (Bangladesh) launch their first international routes in the past months, Air KBZ having also recently launched its first Code Share agreement, significantly adding to already impressive business growth. Other Customers, such as Nauru Airlines, APEX Airlines and Air Mandalay have also been experiencing good growth in passengers.

    Echalier stated, ‘Our strong commitment to the Asia Pacific region will ensure that we further scale-up our regional presence as our business grows here, ensuring that all of the required functions can be managed in the time zone of our Customers, an essential part of our Service strategy. This is a very exciting time in the region and TTI’s growth shows that our regional focus is on target’.

  • AIR KBZ and MAI (Myanmar Airways International) launch Free Flow Code Share, enabled through TTI’s Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System)

    Paris, February 15th 2017

    AIR KBZ has launched a Free Flow Code Share agreement with MAI (Myanmar Airways International), enabled by the TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System). The launch of the Free Flow Code Share agreement provides AIR KBZ with greater distribution, increased traffic and wider brand awareness, boosting their Myanmar domestic network.

    Mr Chooi Yee-Choong, CEO AIR KBZ said, ‘we are delighted to have launched our first Code Share agreement, MAI’s international network will bring new business to AIR KBZ, provide our shared customers with convenience through seamless connectivity and, this agreement underpins the strong partnership that already exists. Our IT provider TTI, has enabled this Free Flow Code Share via their Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System) and we are very pleased with the results. We are already seeing a strong increase in both passengers and revenues’.

    Mr Chooi Yee-Choong continued, ‘the new Code Share with MAI comes at an exciting time for AIR KBZ, as we have also now launched our first International flights, to Chiang Mai in Thailand, which marks a new era for AIR KBZ and for Myanmar, the first steps in our ambition expansion plans.’

    Mr Gregoire Echalier, CEO, TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) said, ‘TTI is honored to help AIR KBZ launch their first Code Share and to have supported them through their first international flight operations, to Thailand. We are privileged to have had a long relationship providing IT solutions to AIR KBZ and we are delighted with their recent business success.’

  • Tropic Air Launches TTI’s Zenith Passenger System to Support Business Growth

    Paris, January 09 2017

    Tropic Air, The Airline of Belize has launched the TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) Zenith PSS (Passenger Service System), to manage all core airline business functions, Inventory, Fares, Sales and Departure Control, the system went ‘live’ in November. Through Zenith, Tropic Air has selected to distribute its flights via GDS’ (Global Distribution Systems), Travelport, Amadeus and Sabre.

    The recent ‘discovery’ of Belize as a tourist destination has boosted international traffic to the country. “We have seen strong growth in our connecting traffic, boosting our revenues by an average of 8-10% per year” says Chief Executive Steven Schulte. He continued, “Our regional operations continue to grow and we will be launching flights to Chetumal, our third destination in Mexico and, our sixth international route, on Monday January 16th”.

    Schulte went on to say, “the increase in international flights into the market last year by the inbound international airlines has had a very positive effect on our connecting traffic. The Zenith passenger management system will allow us to enter Codeshare and Interline agreements with Airline partners, to further boost traffic and provide better service to our customers”.

    We welcome Tropic Air to our growing list of Zenith customers globally and we are very happy to be working with them. The Tropic Air team has been delightful to work with and we are eager to support the growth of the Tropic Air business through their launch of Codeshare agreements”, said Grégoire Echalier CEO, TTI (Travel Technology Interactive).

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  • Fly KISS signs IT deal for Travel Technology Interactive (TTI)ZENITH®

    Paris, December 9th 2016

    Fly KISS has signed with TTI (Travel Technology Interactive) for their Zenith® PSS (Passenger Service System), an integrated solution to manage their Reservations, Sales, Inventory, Departure Control and IBEs (Booking Engines).

    The system was launched in October and Fly KISS commenced flight operations in early November, serving a number of domestic airports as well as international flights to London.

    “Zenith’s advanced design enables Fly KISS to easily manage their business now, but will also support them as their business needs change over time, such as through Interline and Code Share. The ability to connect directly to Travel Agents in their core markets brings substantial business advantages too and we are delighted that Fly KISS has chosen TTI Zenithto provide their critical Airline IT solutions”, said Grégoire Echalier, CEO, TTI (Travel Technology Interactive)

    Echalier continued, “Zenith’s advanced technology and integrated IT platform will allow Fly KISS to deliver its’ unique customer - centric ser vice and we at TTI very much look forward to working with the Fly KISS team.

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